Warning, remember: don’t eat those tortillas!


The company Heimatgut has recalled tortilla chips and tortilla rolls due to potential contamination. During an inspection, tropane alkaloids were found in tortilla chips sea salt, tortilla chips sweet pepper, tortilla roll sea salt and tortilla roll salsa-style varieties. The company announced this in Hamburg. So that’s about a 125g bag.

across the country Recall Thursday food-alert.de portal . published on, All states are affected. As a precautionary measure, consumers who have purchased items with a specific best-ex-date should not consume them, but return them to their place of purchase. Other hematgut products are not affected by the recall.

These products from the Heimatgut company are affected by the recall.

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Tropane alkaloids are natural compounds found in some plants such as henbane, prickly apple and deadly nightshade. They can cause temporary health problems such as nausea, drowsiness, and headaches. (dpa/mp)

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