“We shouldn’t cry or complain”

Back to air supremacy: The standards in training improved as Captain Marcel Radlmeier (right) swung around.
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Back to air supremacy: The standards in training improved as Captain Marcel Radlmeier (right) swung around. © Michaelek

After a loss at promoted Fatih Ingolstadt, SVA Palzing are now looking to upset an opponent who is clearly stronger on paper.

pulsing – If social media accounts were ranked in District League North, SVA Palzing would be far ahead. Among other things, information is provided to fans at lightning speed on match days. You were there when Louis Goldbrunner drove the ball over the line – not to SVA, but to Canada’s Kino Husky. There the student teacher got a scholarship. Pulzingers are missing Goldbrunner, also in their home game against FSV Pfaffenhofen this Wednesday at 7.30pm.

SVA puljing: Goldbrunner missing from standards – Dello Buono doesn’t want to complain about failures and departures

“Louis misses us every step of the way. On and off the field,” says SVA coach Gianluca dello Buono. “Marcel and Luis defended the set piece very well. Now there is one missing. At Ingolstadt it was decisive,” says coach he said. He refers to the game against newly promoted FC Fatih Ingolstadt over the weekend, in which the opponent scored both goals from set pieces. Since another important header player, Ivan Rakonic, was suspended, captain Marcel Radlmayer was the only beacon in the SVA defense – and therefore had no chance.

“That’s why we diligently practiced set pieces in the training session before a Pfaffenhofen game. And we analyzed how they function when the ball is stationary,” reports Dello Buono. Won’t complain. Quite the contrary: He remembers the words of a friend who plays for Unterhatching. “Make something out of it—that’s the motto out there. We should not shout or complain, we should try to do the best we can with our resources,” said the 37-year-old.

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SVA Palzing: Everything has to fit together against heavily occupied Pfaffenhofen – like in the last first half of the season

While SVA is hoping for a first win this season in the home game against Pfaffenhofen, Pfaffenhofen’s opponent is aiming for a first win of the season. The team coached by Gerhard Losch had strong rivals with SPVGG Feldmöching (2:2) and SV Neuperlach Munich (2:3). Still, one point is not enough, especially since FSV has already taken a 2–0 lead in the game against Naperlach. Both goals were scored by Maxi Ceballos, who had set a personal record in the District League last season with 20 goals. Pulzingers will have to be especially careful with the centre-forward.

However, SVA showed in their 2–1 victory in the final part of the season that they could counter a Ceballos goal. “We were there at the border, but we saw that we could beat them,” says Dello Buono. He knows everything has to come together for SVA against a personally strong team like Pfaffenhofen. True to the motto: Make something out of it!

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