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Savings Bank says goodbye to EC cards. Now she’s introducing the successor to the popular Money Card. All changes at a glance.

Castle – Recently Sparkasse made public its plans to take the EC card out of circulation. As of now, it is still used by many Germans – in 2021 it became louder Forbes Used as a means of payment 5.9 billion times. In some stores, EC card is the only accepted cashless payment method. Sparkasse is now revealing what the successor to the popular card looks like. hna.de summarizes,

The EC card will be replaced with a new Sparkasse card. It should be more modern and have many functions that its predecessor did not have. Above all, it should simplify cashless payments and online shopping.

EC card is on the verge of extinction. (iconic image) © Michael Gstettenbauer / imago

After Debit Card: Sparkasse Introduces SparkSense-Card

Sparksey writes about her new product sitethat it is a debit card. So you can use it to make payments anywhere in the world. In addition, online payments should be secure and there should be an expense control. To improve customer service, their phone number is located directly on the money card.

In addition, there are some new features that should make cashless payments easier. For example, the card can be linked to a smartphone so that you can pay through the app as well. Withdrawing cash should also become more convenient for customers in the future, as the new debit card can be used to withdraw money at all ATMs that accept Visa.

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linked to a german checking account Bank card from US group
Use outside Germany only with Maestro or V-Pay worldwide use possible
Source: Consumer Center

The main reason for the changes is above all international payment transactions. could by now customer debit card Use abroad, as there was a collaboration between German direct banks and the American provider MasterCard. However, this association was terminated by Mastercard in 2021, resulting in Huge change in the use of maps Leads.

Sparksey is planning this after the EC card expires

In Germany, more and more people are paying by card. German Bundesbank Writes that the use of card payments increased by about 25 percent in 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic.

with plan Sparkus is expanding cashless payments not alone. Meanwhile, earlier banks such as Deutsche Bank no longer plan to issue cash over the counter, even at some branches. in a survey handlesblatt However, most branches say that they will continue to accept over the counter deposits and withdrawals. For example, Cologne’s Kreisparkas says: “In all 116 branches, customers have the option of withdrawing til”. (Killian Beumel)

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