WhatsApp: Confusion about Blue Tick – Receipts for Some Messages Disappeared?

WhatsApp: Confusion about Blue Tick - Receipts for Some Messages Disappeared?

A blue check on WhatsApp messages shows whether the message has been read or not.

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Is Blue Tick planned for WhatsApp? Apparently, read receipts were temporarily not visible for some messages.

Munich – For many people who use WhatsApp, they have become unavoidable: blue ticks that show if the message has already been read by a chat partner. This function also applies to voice messages. But not everyone likes blue hooks. Some also feel controlled by them or at least pressurize the other person to respond directly. This is why some WhatsApp users switch “read confirmation”, meaning that neither the chat partner nor you can see if a message has been read. However, it has not yet come up in the case of voice messages. With them, blue ticks always light up – regardless of the setting for the “read confirmation”.

Report on secret WhatsApp changes: blue tick on voice messages gone soon?

It should apparently be replaced now – at least in the short term. Like technology portal Techbook The report states that Messenger has been given the option to deactivate the function for voice messages as early as 11 March. If the read confirmation is deactivated for at least one call partner, the blue tick will not be visible for voice messages, even if they are listened to. At least from that report Techbook.

Confusion about WhatsApp changes: Can Blue Tick be deactivated for voice messages soon?

However, this observation (as of March 14, 12.30 pm) could not be confirmed in the trial of our editorial team. The blue tick continued to appear even though there was a passive read confirmation for the voice message. So this could only be a temporary test of Messenger. That includes Techbook not from. A related request for WhatsApp from the portal is still unanswered, according to its own information. “Techbook asked WhatsApp whether the change is permanent or just a test. An answer is still pending ”, writes Techbook at his side.

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WhatsApp Changes with Blue Check Mark: Temporary Test Only?

As of now, WhatsApp has not mentioned anything about the planned change. It may also suggest that this was only a temporary test. Ultimately, the option of being able to switch off the read confirmation for voice messages is a serious change for users. In terms of privacy and data security, being able to decide for yourself using Blue Tick would only be rational. (va)

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