Formula 1: Crazy! suddenly his return is in the room

Formula 1: Crazy!  suddenly his return is in the room

Formula 1: Nobody thought it was possible now! suddenly his return is in the room

Formula 1: These are all the driver teams for the 2021 season

Formula 1: These are all the driver teams for the 2021 season

Formula 1 season 2021 is in the starting block. Mick Schumacher, son of German Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, made his debut. But which pilots are also taking part? We introduce you to all drivers and teams.

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After the big season finale in formula 1 Rumor kitchen boils over whether Lewis Hamilton will resign even after the disappointment.

This could open the door again for Nico Hulkenberg. the racing driver was already out formula 1 Adopted.

Formula 1: Hamilton-Aus – an option at Hulkenberg

For almost a full decade, Lewis Hamilton was the undisputed champion in Formula 1 and this season too, in the final race at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, it looked like Britain might be crowned king of the dominant class for eighth place. time.

It was only in the last lap that title contender Max Verstappen was able to overtake him and win not only the race, but the championship as well. A blow to the record driver. Will he face this setback and the attack again in the new season?

The motor world asks itself as well as assumptions are made about the likely successors to the Mercedes driver. One name that “MotorsportTotal” has thrown in the box is Nico Hulkenberg.

The driver line-up for next season has already been determined, so the group of candidates is small. The German was in the back of the cockpit for Aston Martin in 2020 as a reserve driver. This year he did not get the contract and thus announced his retirement from Formula 1. If an offer was made, he could reconsider it.

Formula 1: You can inherit Hamilton too

Hulkenberg won’t be the only candidate on the list and will probably have a few more names ahead of him. Kimi Raikkonen is probably out because he has widely declared how happy he is to give up the steering wheel.


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Mercedes may consider bringing back its old driver Valtteri Bottas. The Finn has already signed a deal with Alfa Romeo, but it’s not unthinkable.

The alternative would likely be higher with Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman was able to prove his skills this year and win his first race in Hungary. And the experienced pilot would be a good counterpart to the relatively young George Russell. (CG)

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