When it comes to milk, discounters focus on better animal welfare

When it comes to milk, discounters focus on better animal welfare

It’s about more space in the barn, better conditions for animal transportation, and clarity for supermarket customers: the animal welfare label. This can already be seen in the flesh. But this is not enough for many.

More and more large retail chains in Germany want to gradually ban milk from their refrigerated shelves out of unsuitable animal husbandry. Afterwards edka-Verbund also announced discounters on Thursday Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud suggest that in the near future they will completely abandon milk in their own brands, the production of which only meets the minimum legal requirements for animal husbandry. The change should happen by 2024.

Aldi, Edeka and Netto . animal welfare in

Germany’s largest grocery company Edeka and its discount chain Neto also aim to make the move this year, as they announced earlier in the week. Next is to follow milk and dairy products.

Aldi-Nord manager Tanja Hacker said: “The development of the past few years shows: the demand for animal welfare products continues to grow.” According to him, all milk from Aldi’s own brand should come from Pati Forms 3 and 4 by 2030 at the latest.

Animal Welfare Labels from the Tierwohl Initiative on Meat Packaging: Animal welfare labels are intended to provide consumers with information about the types of livestock rearing. (Source: Fototheque / Imago Images)


All of Germany’s major grocery retailers have announced over the past few weeks that they will also introduce a four-stage husbandry label for milk and dairy products in 2022, which will be used only for meat and meat products by the end of the year. . With its four levels – 1: Stable Habitat, 2: Stable Habitat Plus, 3: Outdoor Climate, 4: Premium – it enables consumers to see at first glance how high the animal welfare level is when keeping livestock.

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