Jörn Schlönvoigt in GZSZ: what he says about a love return with Sunny … – TV

Jörn Schlönvoigt in GZSZ: what he says about a love return with Sunny ... - TV

This is what fans have been waiting for!

GZSZ darling Jorn Schlönvoigt (35) took an XXL vacation last summer, swapping a TV set for the beach. Now he is back again. And thus the role of Philip in Germany’s most popular daily soap. The actor revealed to Bild how his character and love interest will continue.

Schlönvoigt: “I’m thrilled to be back on the set of ‘Gute Ziten, Bad Ziten’ and be able to tell exciting new stories with the team this year, as GZSZ celebrates its 30th anniversary in May.”

What he missed the most was working as a team – he calls his colleagues friends. “I think it’s great, how everything works according to the principle of Swiss clockwork,” the TV star said.

But how does Philip get his role back in the GZSZ neighborhood? Of course, the actor is not allowed to disclose it yet. Only one thing is certain: “Philip is warmly welcomed by the siblings. Laura and John have become close. The beginning of the year is going to be turbulent.”

Schlönvoigt, telling: “Viewers can look forward to really exciting stories – with a lot of potential for conflict: not only for the good times, but for the bad times as well.”

But now butter with fish: what will happen to him and Sunny, played by Valentina Pahde (27)? What are the prospects of GZSZ’s new dream couple?

Will Philip and Sunny meet again? Of course, Jrn Schönvoigt still keeps it open.Photo: RTL

“With Philip living abroad for five months and unintentionally extending his stay, the prospects are not very good,” the actor admitted.

But there’s still a glimmer of hope in him: “Who knows, after so many years of despair, Prem would surely have deserved my role.”

In real life, the actor was in Spain, Italy, Maldives, Dubai, USA and finally Austria till Christmas with his wife Hannah (26) and daughter Delia (4).

So he can start the new year with ease.

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