“Who steals the show from me” – Shireen David moderates with a broken ankle – TV

"Who steals the show from me" - Shireen David moderates with a broken ankle - TV

“Who steals the show from Shireen David” – Joko Winterschilds (42) was the name of the show this week. Rapper Shirin David (26) took a moderation job from comedian Bastian Pastavka (49) last week and was allowed Tuesday evening to design according to his senses.

And so Shirin entered not the first stage, but the rapper Las Unli. (39), who rapped in salutation with the support of DJ Desu (42): “No, I don’t rap because Shireen doesn’t dare. There’s no one who steals the show from her and steals it.” He rhymed the candidates. Also introduced as:” Then there’s Bastian Pastavka. A little rusty like a Tesla Cybertruck.”

Rapper Shirin David and comedian Bastian Pastevka in a previous broadcast: “Who Bastian Pastevka steals The Show?”Photo: ProSieben / DPA

Bastian, Jocko, comedian Teddy Teklebran (37) and wildcard winner Nico (40) were already there – and then Shireen got on stage, got on a tractor and walked through the studio.

Jocko’s eyes almost fell from his head: “Dude!” But the rapper was already in pain: “Unfortunately today I fell on the quad bike and now I have a sprained ankle. So I can’t walk as much today. It’s not bad, come on. Now on the show.”

Bastian Pastevka, Jocko Winterschild, Teddy Teklebran and wildcard winner Nikos

Bastian Pastevka, Jocko Winterschild, Teddy Teklebran and wildcard winner NikosPhoto: ProSieben / Max Beutler

But: it was bad! The recording was supplemented with additional information from Jocko: “What we didn’t know at the time and only came out in the hospital: You broke your ankle. Six weeks in plaster, full schedule. Wounded in a quiz show, You have to do that first! Just like hosting a show with a broken leg. But that’s exactly what Shireen did to not let us down.”

And she managed to do so with great ease. Even the cooking was taken care of – Shireen not only served her guests with donuts, but also had a kebab stand from “Berlin’s Superhan” set up in the studio.

She especially cheered Joko on: “We’ve already done a lot of shows, but we never got the idea to make kebabs on a show. It just makes me really happy right now. I’m endlessly grateful to you!”

Teddy was the first person to return home. When he had to guess how many times Shireen used the words “give him” in his song of the same name in a key question against Bastian, Teddy only guessed ten times – 32 would be correct. Teddy took his revenge in song form: He turned himself into a true “give it to him” frenzy.

Jocko Winterscheidt didn’t have to take the “Walk of Shame” that evening. He fought his way to the final, defeating Shireen and the following Tuesday moderated again in “Who is stealing the show from me?”.

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