“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”: Jauch Insults Viewers The Joker – TV

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?": Jauch Insults Viewers The Joker - TV

This joker was completely pointless.

“who wants to be a Millionaire?” Candidate Julia Eckert expects help from the audience of Günther Jauch on Monday evening. But the plan completely reversed.

After all, it was about 32,000 euros. The quiz master wanted to know: “Fully integrated or partially integrated – this is the question customers ask themselves…?” A: a fireplace, B: a socket strip, C: a mobile home (right) or D: a school-bag. For a Hamburg resident, this question was unresolved.

Julia Eckert chose the audience’s joker – not much help…Photo: RTL/Stephen Gregorovius

Without thinking twice, he declared, “There you have it with the Joker.” He thought it was a promising idea to ask the entire audience, as there were winners of previous shows sitting there.

However, the result was disappointing. Typed 45 percent on A, 33 percent on B and 22 percent on C. So the candidate was not smarter than before. Jauch: “It’s anything but obvious.”

It got worse for his candidate. After the 50/50 joker, the two answers with the highest percentage, A and B, were discarded. Almost an absurdity for Jauch. Till now, his audience has rarely made a mistake. With mock outrage, the quiz master turned to the audience and exclaimed: “What’s going on here? You jerks!”

All that could be heard from the ranks was a laugh. Eckert now had to decide between the mobile home and the school bag. In the end, he chose the mobile home. “There are people where the car is involved and then there are the caravan ones,” suspects Gora. She was right about it.

A tiny drop of bitterness: The audience’s clown, who was really so valuable, is gone. Nevertheless, the candidate was able to take home 125,000 euros.

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