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Lufthansa Airbus A319 New Livery

customers of lufthansa Be prepared for further cuts in inclusive services. Previously, all customers could choose a free seat when they checked in online 24 hours before departure. Anyone traveling within Europe on the Eco-Lite tariff will have to pay for it in the future.

By default, these passengers are then randomly assigned a seat. If you want to change that, you’ll have to dig deep in your pocket: the website is from at least 25€ / 35 cf The Speech.

the change was made recently Added Help page on “Seat Selection & Seat Reservation”., There it now says:

Economy Lite fares on European routes do not include free seat reservations. You will be assigned a seat automatically upon check-in. If you wish to replace this seat, a change fee will be charged starting from 21.6.2022 at 25 EUR/35 CHF/35 USD.


at a glance google cache Turns out the route was not yet available on the website on 24 May. So the change was added there during the last week – unnoticed until now. As in today’s first blog YHBU Changes reported.

It is still unclear whether there will be exceptions for Status customers (Star Gold, Sen, HON). However, this seems relatively low, as there are already no status benefits for seat reservations within Europe.

Seat selection is still included in the classic fare

who tariff economy classic Around 25€ – 35€ per direction surcharge is not affected by changes. The fare also includes free seat selection from the time of booking. However, this does not include special seats, such as seats with more legroom at emergency exits.

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Thereafter, the Classic fare includes 23 kg of checked baggage and the option to rebook the flight at no charge. So everything remains the same there.

on the site of Swiss And Austria Nothing has been said about the new rule yet. However, it would be very surprising if such a serious change was introduced only at the parent company.

Not satisfied with the middle seat? then €25

downward spiral continues

Lufthansa has used the pandemic to bring down the service. From 2020, among other things:

Low-cost subsidiary Eurowings goes a step further: Over the counter check-in there is chargeable And not including hand luggage – but just a personal item, The blueprint for what’s to come at Lufthansa? Now this cannot be denied.


Lufthansa is loud skytrax The only 5-star airline in Europe. Reality is different. The German flag carrier is degenerating more and more into a low-cost airline. Only the route network and frequencies partially justify the surcharge compared to Easyjet, Ryanair and Co.

Personally, I’ve avoided Lufthansa Group for years. And the recent change certainly won’t change that.

Source: frequent flyer meeting And YHBU

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