Windfolk – Now Available at PlayStation Store

Windfolk - Now Available at PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and Fractal Fall are pleased to announce that Windfolk, a third-person aerial shooter developed under the PlayStation Talents initiative, is now a digital exclusive to PS4 and PS5 PlayStation Store Available for € 14.99. The title also won the IV PlayStation Talent Award for Best Use of PlayStation Platforms.

The world of Eurian is at war. The ruthless alliance wants to take control of the floating islands and misuse the power of the Triadians, the mineral that keeps them flying. Essen, his experiments and now plays as a victim of a resistance soldier, to stop them and complete their vengeance.

Fly around Essen’s jetpack in this third-person aerial shooter and turn the tide of battle and end the conflict. In Windfolk, you have six degrees of freedom to roam a picturesque world full of floating islands, where position is the key to taking and defeating your enemies.


  • Fly freely around the world of Urian in battle mode or accelerate in turbo mode as you can finish the main story arc once.
  • Use your enemies to flank your enemies in frantic battles that will challenge you every moment.
  • Explore the European and its wondrous surroundings, from scorching deserts to tropical seas.
  • Combine different weapons and skills to create your own unique style of play.
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