Woman (24) denied job due to chapped lips

Woman (24) denied job due to chapped lips

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Incredible what happened a few days ago in Sweden: A young woman was refused a job in rebro, Sweden. So far, so normal. But the reason seems more than doubtful.

  • Sweden applies to cleaning company
  • Owner rejects 24-year-olds
  • The reason for the cancellation of the job is the appearance of a young Swede

After two years on maternity leave, 24-year-old Ronja was again looking for a job. Among other things, he applied for a job in a cleaning company.

Swede was refused a job because of his face

However, the interview never took place. Because the company explained to her that no one with “hidden lips” would be hired there. Swedish newspaper reports about it “aftonbladet

“I’m in shock,” Ronja says. The trained car painter did not expect such rejection.

To be able to apply for a position at the cleaning company, Ronja had to send a resume, a personal letter, and a photo of herself. Ronja sent all the documents to the company.

After a while when he got a response email from the cleaning company, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “From experience we have decided not to hire anyone with chapped lips. The experience is that such a person does not take work seriously and has no work ethic,” were the lines written by the owner of the company.

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“Plus, the lips are so conspicuous that it becomes suspicious,” it apparently continued.

Rejection of application: Sweden stunned by cleaning company email

Ronja couldn’t believe what she was reading. “The photo I sent is a completely normal picture of me,” said the Swede. “It’s not a cutout. It’s just a simple picture. I look perfectly normal.”

She states that Ronja may have used the same picture for all other applications. So far none of the employers have complained about this.

“It seems ill-advised to have anyone commenting on this. Especially when you consider that lip fillers are so common these days,” Swede says.

After a few hours to think about it, Ronja prepared the answer to the cleaning company. She said that the statements given were false and she wanted to file a complaint.

Swedish woman after job denial: “I’m scared to look for more jobs”

The cleaning company owner responded quickly, “I want to listen to my customers and their wishes, something I’ve been doing for years and will continue to do so,” he wrote.

Ronja tried calling the company, but no one answered. Today Sweden is desperate. “At first I was shocked by the answer. But now I feel that I feel bad about my appearance and I am scared to look for more jobs,” said the 24-year-old. )

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