Zhengzhou in China: Heavy floods – Hundreds trapped in subway

Zhengzhou in China: Heavy floods - Hundreds trapped in subway

The heaviest rain in decades has caused massive flooding in the central Chinese metropolis of Zhengzhou. It was not initially clear what were fatal. State media reported at least twelve deaths.

Many streets in Zhengzhou were flooded. Cars and buses got stuck. Water and electricity supply was disrupted at many places. Traffic was practically paralyzed. The metro network came to a standstill, high-speed trains were suspended. Zhengzhou airport canceled 270 flights.

Hundreds of people were also trapped in trains and tunnels, as state media and eyewitnesses reported on social media. It can be seen in the video how sometimes the water used to reach his shoulders. Emergency services were on duty.

During the evacuation, about 600 seriously ill patients had to be evacuated from a hospital in Zhengzhou University. In addition, there was a power failure in the clinic. ‚ÄúSuch rains usually happen once in every 100 years. The situation is dire, the “China Daily” reported the crisis management team in the provincial capital Henan, which has nine million residents.

The rain in Henan was caused by the storm “In-fa”. The cyclone also caused severe weather in Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. It has been raining heavily in Henan province for the past one week. The water level of the Yellow River and Haihe River tributaries has exceeded the alert level.

More heavy rains and flooding were feared. More than 10,000 people have been shifted to safer places in the last few days. The loss of agriculture is in lakhs.

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Severe storms were also reported from southern China, where another typhoon named “Sempaka” struck near Yangjiang city with wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour in Guangdong province. was also in northern China Mongolia severe flooding.

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