Woman behaves like a lunatic in her sleep and makes millions of people laugh

Woman behaves like a lunatic in her sleep and makes millions of people laugh

Sleepwalking can be great fun! This is now proved by a series of funny TicTalk videos in which a Canadian woman fucks a lot in her sleep.

Canada – Sleepwalking can be great fun! Now it turns out to be a whole range of fun people Tiktok-videoIn which a Canadian spends a lot of nonsense in his sleep.

Selina Myers (26) is a bit embarrassed by her night outing, but she can also laugh a lot about it. © tiktok.com/@celinaspookyboo

26 years old Celina Myers Tickcock already has 8.2 million followers and loves to make his jokes there. Recently, however, she has reached more viewers than ever with her bedtime video.

In the clip you can see, among other things, how she picks leaves from her home plants with a wig on her head, how she beats her dog, or how she walks naked through the streets.

Currently most successful video Two days after its publication, this crazy series already has over 27.8 million views and 6.8 million likes. In it, Celina fetches a few drink cans from the kitchen, takes them to her front yard and enthusiastically throws one after the other on the snow-covered lawn.

Unfortunately, a pedestrian arrives and sees the woman in confusion, wearing full body pajamas and a mad laugh, distributing drinks in her garden.

Too On your TikTok, As well as Her instagram channel There are many more of these embarrassing, but also very strange videos to marvel at.

In the comment areas under all of the clips, there are tons of enthusiastic contributions from users who behave extremely awkwardly funny at the 26-year-old.

For example, a TikTok user asks: “Why do you only walk like a baby when you sleep and why do I love it so much?” Many commentators reminded the crazy and weird behavior of Canadian Sims video game characters.

Even when he is not sleeping and sleeping, Selina Myers is involved in horror activities. For example, she has long operated a podcast about haunted houses and has already written three books on paranormal topics.

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