World Cup every two years? How FIFA and the Clubs Fight for the Calendar – Football

World Cup every two years?  How FIFA and the Clubs Fight for the Calendar - Football

The PR machine is already running, the former stars are promoting the idea

While the results of the study are openly open, FIFA’s PR machine for a two-year cycle has been running for a long time. The very first former stars of football advertise the idea. Yaya Torey wrote on Twitter: “It will help Africa to develop.”

Former Argentina international Javier Mascherano added to Spanish media: “Waiting four years for the next opportunity is just cruel.” Both are part of the “FIFA Legends” program, in which former players according to the World Federation “To represent FIFA around the world in its efforts to drive football development.”

Protest outside Europe is not visible

Many questions now arise for UEFA. A World Cup every two years would devalue the EM from a sporting and financial point of view. The League of Nations as a new source of income is completely under question. For clubs in Europe, the burden and risk of injury to players remained the main issue, which they pay for several million euros.

Opposition to the scheme is mainly in the larger European countries, which mostly qualify and provide – and pay for – the most famous players.

Many countries hope for more funding through more world championships

Outside Europe the situation is completely different and there is huge support for the plan. The Confederation of Africa has already spoken out in favor of the new World Cup rhythm, with several Asian federations placing themselves in a similar position, and little resistance to be expected from the CONCACAF Confederation.

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For all of them, the idea makes perfect sense: while UEFA makes about two billion euros every four years with the European Championship, the Africa Cup or the Asian Cup is by no means as much money as there is to be made. The shorter pace of the World Cup means more money for these countries. FIFA’s revenue from the 2018 World Cup was approximately five billion euros.

Question: Who will go where in a dispute?

When the results of the study are expected and whether the FIFA Council or Congress will vote on the project, FIFA did not respond to a request from the sports show.

Now it will be exciting to see if FIFA will actually punish clubs for refusing to release their national players, usually facing a five-day ban. Then it becomes clear who is ready to go into the controversy over the calendar.

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