Xbox boss reveals Microsoft plans for Call of Duty return

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Just yesterday, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced Microsoft would have signed a 10-year contractto bring Activision’s Call of Duty series back to Nintendo’s platform.

Ever since then, fans around the world have been wondering how exactly it could have been conceived. But now Microsoft’s gaming CEO has given the first insight into Nintendo’s concrete plans to make CoD games available again on the console.

Nintendo: the first plans for the return of the Call of Duty series

during an interview with Washington Post We’ve got a more concrete idea of ​​what plans to bring Call of Duty back to Japanese gaming platforms could look like. For example, Spencer revealed that it will be a while before CoD games make their return to Nintendo.

This is because work on a new platform will begin only after the Activision Blizzard acquisition is complete. Once everything is in place, the ultimate goal is for all versions of Call of Duty, including those for Nintendo, to be released simultaneously. Specifically, the Xbox boss explained the following:

“Can you imagine that if [der Deal] completed on that date, it will probably take some time to make the development work possible… Once we get into the groove, our plan will be that when [ein Call of Duty-Spiel] Out on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, it will also be available on Nintendo at the same time.”

Xbox wants to score with Expertise

In the same breath, Spencer was also asked about how a series like Call of Duty would play out on Nintendo consoles. While he acknowledged that since a Call of Duty title would be different from one like Minecraft, it would take a lot of work, his team on Xbox would have a lot of experience with “multiplatform alignment”.

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“Minecraft and Call of Duty are different games, but how to bring a game to Nintendo, how to lead a development team that targets multiple platforms, is an experience we’ve had,” he confidently it is said. Finally, Spencer also confirmed once again that the intention Call of Duty will remain available on PlayStation.

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