Lost in random erscheint at 10. September • Nintendo Connect

Lost in random erscheint at 10.  September • Nintendo Connect

The Kingdom of Random, ruled by an evil queen, is divided into six mysterious realms where all life is determined by a cursed black cube. In the role of Evan, players stroll through the country’s mysterious streets, meeting eccentric residents and embarking on an adventure to rescue Evene’s sister Aude from the clutches of the Queen. Along the way, Evan meets Dicey, a tiny, strange, living cube. Together they discover an ancient story with an up-to-date message not usually addressed in games: You have to neither fear nor control by chance. If you allow it, you can use it for yourself and master any situation.

Chance reigns in the kingdom of random. This principle. The innovative gameplay can also be found in lost at random Again. Along the way, players collect coins, which give, among other things, new attacks and skills. They are extremely helpful in strategic battles. Opponents can also be attacked with a slingshot. This forms the energy cube that provides energy to Dicey. Once fully charged, Daisy can be thrown, freezing time and unleashing her powerful magic. In the constantly changing Board Game Arena, players must be able to adapt their battle strategy quickly. This is the only way they can challenge fate and harness the power of opportunity.

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