Tommy Robinson: British right-wing extremist sentenced to pay £100,000 in damages

Tommy Robinson: British right-wing extremist sentenced to pay £100,000 in damages

British right-wing extremist Tommy Robinson has to pay £100,000 in damages for defaming an underage Syrian refugee online. It was decided by a judge of the London High Court, as did the British news agency PA and BBC message.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, distributed video clips showing how a then-minor Syrian was attacked by other students at a playground. Robinson alleged that the boy had previously beaten girls and threatened classmates. The clip was clicked hundreds of thousands of times on the internet.

Syrians had to leave training

As a result, the boy had to change his address and break his education because of enmity. However, the judge found that the allegations of right-wing extremists had no basis. Robinson wanted to defuse the situation with words of his choice.

Convicted Robinson is the most famous face of the Far South in England, often associated with football hooliganism. At times he was a member of the right-wing British National Party and co-founder of the Islamophobic and Right Wing Extremist Federation. english defense league.

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