You can train the whole body with just one exercise

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An exercise that trains the whole body, improves your stamina and is a lot of fun too? Is! And you must have loved him since childhood. We are talking Skipping, Jumping rope, as the sport is also called, is a great workout for the body and mind. In this article you can read about its benefits and why you should jump straight holding the skipping rope.

All the good reasons to jump rope at a glance:

Why is jumping rope so efficient?

jump rope is a Vigorous but fun full body workout, which uses most of your muscles and requires your heart to pump harder. No wonder jumping rope burns so many calories. so are noisy According to a study, just 10 minutes of jumping rope is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging.

You can also use jumping rope as a warm-up workout and combine it with other sports. In any case is it worth twisting the rope,

5 reasons to include jumping rope in your training plan

One bond But there is: If you have problems with your ligaments or joints, jumping rope may not be the right thing for you. For everyone else: Lace up the sneakers, spread the skipping rope and go!

1. Rope is Good for Every Fitness Level

This game is suitable for anyone who has no problems with joints. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. while jumping rope everyone really reaches their limit, If beginners are usually at their strength end after five minutes, experienced jumpers can Rely on jumping technique and demand more repetitions,

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If you want to build muscle, you can also use weights while jumping. But be careful: this puts a lot of pressure on the joints! (Photo:

2. You Train Endurance and Strength in One

Jumping rope is hard, but the effort is worth it: if you jump for five minutes, you train just as effectively as if you ran 1.5 kilometers. In addition, here not only an efficient cardio training is accomplished, but muscle building is also stimulated – a Ideal blend to burn fat,

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How to burn fat with this cardio sport? through you Exercise and build in challenging jumps, With the so-called squat jump, for example, the legs are pulled up, so that the leg muscles at the end burn properly. Fast punches also define your arm muscles.

Not only that, you will also your sense of balance and rhythm strengthened, Tip: If you need more coordination, jump rope barefoot.

3. Your Abs Will Be Trained to the Side

Not only can legs and arms be defined when jumping rope, This training especially benefits the abdomen, Because a flat six-pack doesn’t just require crunches: Women in particular have to do their own. Reduce body fat percentage to see results, Jumping rope is ideal for achieving this goal.

When jumping rope, fat burning is hardly enhanced like in any other sport. Jumping for 15 minutes burns up to 250 kcal! During this only 150 kcal is normal. don’t hide that afterburn effectso you In the end 400 kcal. until can consume.

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tip: watch for one while jumping Stand upright and keep your core tenseTo give your abs a challenging workout.

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4. Jumping rope strengthens the heart

while jumping rope you can be Raise your heart rate and do something good for your cardiovascular system, If you rely on a heart rate monitor, you can get the whole thing professional and Heart rate varies when jumpingn, what is that good? change between aerobic and anaerobic The field allows you to achieve maximum training success.

female rope
BEST SAVING FOR LAST: Jumping rope makes you fit not only physically but also mentally! (Photo: Shutterstock/Jacob Lund)

5. Rope training trains the mind

Getting caught in the skipping rope is annoying. But no one said this game is easy. here you maximum concentration required And this under maximum physical stress, If you can focus on the sequence of movements under timing, your reflexes and the increased heart rate, you will become fit not only physically, but also mentally.

Conclusion: Jumping rope is a great full body workout

Whether you use jumping rope as a warm-up or as an intense full-body training unit, you should do it slowly. Then Jumping rope puts a huge strain on your joints and ligaments., To avoid injuries, you must follow the following instructions:

  • jump on the front foot and flat. Don’t jump too much.
  • knees are always slightly bent,
  • hold your hands close to body, Only the wrists and forearms allow the rope to move.
  • Your look straight ahead,
  • After Your Workout, Don’t Forget Please calm down with light Spread,
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