You should use these tires for your electric car

You should use these tires for your electric car

E-cars tires are optimized for lower rolling resistance – for greater range. You have to pay attention when changing tires, because not every tire is good.

Low rolling resistance, high load capacity and low running noise are important criteria when choosing tires for electric cars. Although they often look the same and have the same dimensions as tires for a combustion engine, according to TUV Sood, there are some differences. According to the tire manufacturer, the low rolling resistance of a particular tire alone can provide eight percent greater range.

Identify the correct tire

According to Tüv Süd, tires developed specifically for electric cars can be identified, for example, by an extension in the tire name. The letter “e” or “election” can be used as an additional reference. More information is often hidden behind signs that are difficult for ordinary people to see. When in doubt, Tüv Süd advises you to seek advice.

Technicians advise owners of purely electric cars to buy the same type of car that was already fitted at the factory when purchasing new tires. There is no need to compromise safety, consumption or efficiency.

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