“5 Against Jauch”: Sonja Zitlow and Jana Ina Zarela Tampon With Discussion – TV

"5 Against Jauch": Sonja Zitlow and Jana Ina Zarela Tampon With Discussion - TV

This question was discussed wildly…

On Saturday evening, these TV stars gambled in the quiz show “5 Gegen Jauch” for more and more money for a good cause: singer Gil Oferim (38), comedian Martin Klempno (47), presenter Sonja Zitalo (53) And Jana Ina Zarela (44) and her colleague Jan Köppen (38) wanted to be smarter than Gunther Jauch (64).

When it came to 3000 Euros, Panchak had a tough time. Host Oliver Potcher (43) wanted to know from his candidates: “What innovation was presented to the public at the World Exhibition in 1883, but was initially described as sinful?” They had to choose between lipstick, garter belt, hair dye, and tampons. .

Sonja Zitlow joked about the possible answers: “I’m familiar with most things.” The presenter immediately ejected the tampon. Your reason: “How do you want to present it? Do you bow there?” Comedian Martin Klempno was still not completely convinced.

Jana Ina Zarela countered with a counter-argument. He said: “Do you really believe that women were allowed to touch each other at that time? It was sinful for many men.” So this answer would be quite appropriate for this question. And although the gentlemen used lipstick or hair Trended more towards the dye, the tampon quickly logged in.

Sonja Zitalo complained: “You are a fool! How do you want to present it in the world exhibition? “Finally, Gunther Joch joined the discussion, who admitted:” Nobody talks about tampons, you don’t even see them. So this could not be the problem. “

Actually, the answer was incorrect. Lipstick would have been perfect. Pocher explained to the group that the figure had warmed so many minds at the time. At this time lipstick was seen as a phallic symbol. Moderator: “There was something objectionable in using it to paint your lips.”

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Although the celebrities wasted 3,000 euros with their reply, they had a higher hand in the finals. By then, the five had earned a total of 22,800 euros. Jauch was clearly ahead with his 25,300 Euros.

In the “all-around-nothing” question, both sides made incorrect bets, but celebrities made very few bets and thus left more money. In the end, they were able to take home 20,000 euros for a good cause. Gunther Jauch came empty handed.

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