One room for all – nested whisper

One room for all - nested whisper

It is spring, and the fact that the sun does not smile very reliably does not mean that there are no opportunities for it. One of them: Neustadt has a new gallery. Or rather a place of culture. Also a bit of a concert space. And workplace. Also, a venue for theaters, workshops or performances. It is difficult to define anyway. Probably most likely like this: “This is just a room. Where can we be and everyone who feels like this “

Martin and Julian, very relaxed in their commitment to culture.

Creativity without conferences

But then slowly. “We” – she is Julian and Martin. Both artists, especially filmmakers, but are also devoted to music, painting, writing and creative everything. The joint work brought them together, currently among other things a documentary for MDR about a social music project in Prohlis.

When Wild Flora moved out of the rooms of the Black Sheep, formerly home to the Tegdrome for many years, a common workplace came to work together. Which should not only be that, but also a place that is open to others, and open to all kinds of art and culture.

The current gallery sign already shows: We work with what we have - everyone can participate here.
The current gallery sign already shows: We work with what we have – everyone can participate here.

This exciting world between private and public is now available to all who wish to contribute. Here artists can showcase their paintings, or musicians can perform concerts beyond celebrity level and quality standards. Regardless of financial constraints; Since the gallery is rented as a work space, it does not depend on commercial benefits or subsidies.

Between Vision and Mission

Donations are definitely welcome and help set up events. Beyond all types of events, the room should also be a meeting point only. “I imagine how retirees get together to play cards here in the afternoon, kids attend music courses and then have concerts in the evening,” Martin dreams. What this is all about is participation; There is exchange.

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A small space with a large capacity.
A small space with a large capacity.

Hence the name Fair-Fair. Reasonable in the sense of free access and fair (French to do), because it is “not a place to consume, but a place to do”. “We don’t want to use it to make the world a better place,” Martin explains. “I make culture only because I have to do it; This is an internal requirement ”. It is then to share it with others – even if it is not so clearly intended – to be essentially a political act, or at least a moral one.

Comparing Julian, “It’s like sorting out the trash, which means: The person can’t save the world, but they can make a small contribution to bring something beautiful to it. Then how beautiful it looks to those people Depends on who comes here and lives in a volunteer project. (By the way, both are looking for a colleague as well! After that there is a plan to find a union as well.)

Programs starting

Now a specific date has already been set (note, announcement!), For this Sunday. There is a concert at the window at 16:00. Martin himself will please the passing music. There will be two musicians from the project next week Prohlis. I at home Listened with piano and vocals.

Tea and photos invite you to come.
Tea and photos invite you to come.

Otherwise, theater workshops and silent film concerts are planned for the near future. The idea is that events can also happen spontaneously. “There are many big projects that are not done in the end because the plan is too broad,” Julian sets more limits for ease. So that the fair can be an informal place of exchange, which is intended.

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