Your electric car uses less electricity

Your electric car uses less electricity

The manufacturer has promised you a range of 450 kms, but the maximum you can manage is 370? Electric car consumption is particularly high in winter. Your Stormer Can Move With a Few Tricks,

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Rising electricity prices are also noticeable in the wallet of e-car drivers. If you want to save, you can counter it with an efficient driving style. Auto Club Europa (ACE) and ADAC Here are five simple tips on how to do this.

1. Choose Rims That Are As Small As Possible

The bigger the rim, the more beautiful it looks? It is possible. However, when it comes to saving fuel, it is advisable to reconsider. Because the smaller the wheels, the more economical you’ll be on the road. ACE says tires that are one inch smaller can save about one kilowatt-hour over a distance of 100 kilometers. In cars with an integrated heat pump, this is enough to heat the interior with the energy saved.

2. Recovery

When braking with a stromer, part of the kinetic energy can be converted into electricity. The energy recovered in this way goes back to the battery. Conventional braking is applied only if the braking force of the electric motor is insufficient. This so-called health benefit is especially noticeable in the city with stop-and-go traffic, but also when driving downhill.

According to ACE, the strength of the engine braking effect can be turned off or adjusted on many cars. Since settings vary from vehicle to vehicle, drivers of e-cars should familiarize themselves with the options. In this way, the health benefits can be put to better use.

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3. Foot Off Pedal

Most e-cars recover when you take your foot off the accelerator. Here too, according to ACE, it is possible to determine how much health benefit will be. With some vehicles, the so-called brake mode (drive level B) must be selected for this, others have no setting options or many at all. It would help to have a look at the instructions for use of the vehicle. And then: take your leg off the gas more often.

4. Heat Properly

According to ACE, one of the biggest energy consumption in electric cars is heating. If you want to save energy, it is better to use it carefully. But since no one wants to freeze in winter, ACE recommends using seat and steering wheel heating. They consume less energy than room air heating.

5. Avoid short trips

The ADAC recommends avoiding short trips with an electric car in the winter—especially if there are long idle times in between. Reason: The cold ambient temperature not only cools the interior, but also quickly cools the battery. Both have to be heated frequently while driving – the interior so that the occupants are comfortable, the battery can reach optimum operating temperature.

If you can, you can park your e-car in the garage overnight, ideally. Because the ADAC states that there may be spending limits even on excessive cooling of the battery.

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