Suspicious congratulations to the DWS boss – “Good luck as always!”

Suspicious congratulations to the DWS boss - "Good luck as always!"
Stephen Hoops

For future DWS boss Stephen Hoops, his predecessor Ashok Vohrmann is an “inspirational leader”. (Photo: Martin Leissl for Handelsblatt)

(Photo: Martin Leissl for Handelsblatt)

frankfurt Greetings after a promotion on career networks such as LinkedIn are considered good behavior and are an indicator of a user’s level of awareness. About 70 congratulations, which are under one post Fund Company DWS His future boss, Stephen, has submitted to the hoops he must suit his position. A mere greeting should have irritated the new DWS boss.

“Good luck as always! Greetings D.”, writes Yasser Daniel Vruk, managing director of Ice Field GmbH, under the DWS entry. Congratulations to the newly appointed DWS boss on behalf of businessman Daniel Work? Some people in the financial landscape find this odd, at least. After all, the work may have contributed, at least indirectly, to the fact that Hoops’ predecessor Ashok Vohrman had to resign early this Thursday after the general meeting.

Because allegations of greenwashing, which also led to the raid last week, were probably one of the many reasons DWS CEO Wohrmann left. Wohrmann’s suspected contacts with controversial businessman Daniil Vruk may also have played a role.

Wöhrmann, Germany’s chief of private clients at the time german bank, allowed von Vruk to begin buying Porsche. He also had business relations with him. At the time, Vohrmann was working for Deutsche Bank in a joint venture with the start-up car1 and Allianz, from which Deutsche Bank has since exited.

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The bank investigated the Porsche deal at the time, probably without finding anything. But because the deal was partly negotiated through Vohrmann’s personal e-mail address, the bank’s internal investigation is still ongoing, as can be heard in financial circles.

From this it can be concluded that Wohrmann stumbled not only on the allegations made by his former head of stability, Desiree Fixler, but also through his contacts with Daniel Werk. For this reason, Wruck’s congratulations to the new DWS boss raises the question of at least how well they know each other.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment on Werk’s congratulations. What is certain is that there were business contacts between Hoops and Werk: when Deutsche Bank announced the establishment of a joint venture with Auto1 and Allianz in June 2018, Hoops was the manager who signed the deal on Deutsche Bank’s behalf in a press release. had commented. ,

hoops. no “likes” from

However, Wöhrmann did not decline because of his business contacts with Wruck. On LinkedIn, hoops and works are not directly related. And the personal contact or favor between the two is not yet known. The hoops also ignored Varak’s friendly greetings, responding with “likes” to almost all the other well-wishers.

In addition to Daniel Vruk, Desiree Fixler, the former head of sustainability at DWS, also reacted to the DWS post regarding Stephen Hoops. He criticized Hoops for praising his predecessor Vohrmann as an “inspirational leader” in his message to DWS employees.

“I want to caution that there is nothing ‘inspirational’ about burying a company in corporate, civil and criminal investigations into ESG and governance matters,” she wrote on LinkedIn. Fixler reported the allegations of greenwashing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which also led to an investigation by Baffin and the Federal Criminal Police Office. Thus he contributed significantly to the downfall of Vohrmann.

His message to the new DWS boss: “If Stephen Hoops breaks through the past and leads the company with strong governance and delivers on the company’s promises of climate and diversity, I wish him every success in the future. “

More: Departure from DWS boss Vohrmann: what the affair means for Deutsche Bank.

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