Zarif apologizes after critical remarks

Zarif apologizes after critical remarks

MThe- seven-hour interview which was not intended for publication, the Iranian foreign minister wanted to leave a political will. A week after the lengthy excerpts were made public, he has now apologized for his critical remarks. On Sunday, Javed Zarif wrote on Instagram, “I want to apologize to everyone.” Had he suspected that his statements would have leaked to the public, he would not have said much. In particular, he apologized to the family of General Kasem Soleimani, who was killed in an American airstrike last year.

In a conversation with well-known liberal journalist Lilaz Saeed, Zarif strongly criticized the power of the Revolutionary Guard and General Soleimani, who have enjoyed a position of valor in Iran since his death. He regretted the impotence of the President’s elected government Hassan Rohini |. His second and final term ends in June. This is why Rouhani had asked all the ministers to take stock of this situation that they are in discussion for later days.

Zarif accused the Revolutionary Guard, Soleimani, and Russia in 2015 of simultaneously trying to sabotage negotiations for a nuclear deal and prevent success. Because Russia is not interested in normalizing Iran’s relations with the West. He also accused Solemani of transporting the airline Iran Air to Syria. The government attorney’s office launched an investigation into Zarif, and the parliament, which is dominated by fundamentalists, summoned him.

Rouhani said that the radicals used this debate to block the agreement to stop the nuclear deal. Negotiations should continue in Vienna after an interruption on Friday. The attacks on Zarif are likely to restrict Iran’s chief negotiator Abbas Argatschi’s maneuver room.

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