सबसे Worst Entertainment Ever: “Schleafaz” Spring Season …

सबसे Worst Entertainment Ever: "Schleafaz" Spring Season ...

19.03.2021 – 11:36

Tele 5

Munich (ots)

– Shlefj –

SchleFaZ leaves his loyal bond

Snooze through the tingling again;

Familiar, rotten knot

Forever the land revolves.

Trash movie treasures are already dreaming

Want to come soon

– Listen, a soft TV sound from far away!

SchleFaZ, yes it is you!

I heard you!

Oliver Culcoff and Peter Rutten (2021)

Note SchleFaZ addicts: Oliver Culcoff and Peter Rutten have once again dug their way through tons of trash strips in the depths of bad taste – and uncovered four hugely unsuccessful beads for SchleFaZ. Just after easter Friday 9 April Spring begins #SchleFaZ – Worst movies ever 121 – 124 with results.

After preliminary analysis by the highly decorated scientists of the TELE 5 feature film editorial team, the good news may have already spread: without exception, there are German TV premieres. The following rare junk film treasures are depicted in the spring season:

“Macabra – Devil’s Hand”

Friday, April 9, 10:10 pm.

Scary Hands from Mexico:

In an old Mexican silver mine, Jennifer and Mark found Satan’s left hand in a silver box. Anyone who touches it gets near it and turns into a ruthless killer. And if the hand host dies, Chiku Fluke simply goes on a single assassin tour – because no one can escape the Devil’s Hand!

“AMERICA 3000”

Friday, April 16, at 10:10 pm.

Sci-Fi from Legendary Cannon Film Studio:

After the Earth was almost completely destroyed by nuclear war in the late eighties, the social order among the last survivors has changed completely: in 2890, ruling women persecute men and they are then enslaved. As long as they do not dare to rebel!

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“Zombie nightmar”

Friday, April 23, at 10:10 pm.

No budget from Canada:

For the hard rock soundtrack by Motörhead and Pantera, the Cursed Undead go on a relentless campaign of revenge. ‘Rellik Hunter’ featuring Tia Carrere and the famous original TV-Bat Man aka Adam West!


Friday, April 30, 10:10 pm

A slightly different dance in May: Light-weight clad Vegas strippers are trained by the CIA to become ruthless elite soldiers on a difficult weekend course to free a hostage from the hands of Arab terrorists in a top-secret covert operation. Seems like a perfect plan!

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