27 years ago “Forest Gump” won theaters – which became a little Jenny – people

27 years ago "Forest Gump" won theaters - which became a little Jenny - people

“Part Forest Part!”

SHE pronounced the most famous lines in film history. Hanna Hall (36) played the love affair of Forest Gump in 1994. She became world famous as the sweet, beautiful Jenny. But what exactly is she doing today?

Hanna published this picture on her Facebook profile in 2016. You can still see little Jenny’s facial featuresPhoto: Private

When Hannah was seven years old, she and some friends moved into an open casting for the role of Jenny. The casting director immediately liked Hannah and became a star practically overnight. It was easy for him to confirm the story of the abused Jenny.

Hannah told in 2012, “I was about 8 years old and fully understood the character’s journey and what went through them,” Interview Mite view HollywoodChicago.com ”.

Farishta, who was blonde at the time, was drawn to similar sad stories. At the age of 13, she played Cecilia Lisbon in Sofia Coppola’s film “The Virgin Suicides” (1997), a young girl from Lisbon who tries to kill herself. In 2007 he starred in Rob Zombie’s film “Halloween”. Recently, Hannah appeared in a supporting role in “Dying for the Crown”.

Hollywood’s huge success was not followed by “Forrest Gump”.

The collaboration with Coppola took Hanana to study at a film school in Vancouver, Canada. Now the 36-year-old discovered a second passion for himself: directing.

She admitted that the production side was far more “satisfying” for her. Being a writer or director means that you have “more control”.

Hanna still lives in California, where she works only occasionally as an actress, but is largely out of the public eye. On the other hand, she wants to continue her business of theater director with passion. In an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”, Hanna recently stated that she would also like to write and make her own feature film. “I work on small things all the time,” Hannah says.

However, she has completely turned her back on Hollywood.

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