4 Snacks Under 100 Calories

4 Snacks Under 100 Calories

How Healthy Is Snacking? that’s what science says

How healthy or unhealthy a snack is always depends on how much and how much of it you eat. Although nuts are generally a healthy snack, too many small energy bombs can quickly cause problems. But how much is too much and which snacks are especially healthy? Scientists have already done extensive research on such questions.

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one in 2016 study For example, researchers found that about a third of the calories we consume daily come from snacking outside solid food. Because such snacks are usually high in calories and low in nutrients, unhealthy snacking will contribute significantly to the risk of obesity. However, according to studies, consuming healthy snacks with lots of protein and fiber can improve feelings of satiety and help control hunger. This will reduce the risk of obesity.

One 2015 Meta-Study, in which researchers examined the results of 15 individual studies on eating frequency and frequency on weight control, concluding that increasing eating frequency through regular snacking of nutrient-rich foods positively affected fat burning and body fat percentage. Will have effect. Anyone who regularly eats healthy breakfast can gain a follow-up customer.

With all the positive effects snacks have on our health, it should not be forgotten that research results in this area are very mixed. There are also studies that have found no association between healthy snacking and weight loss or body fat percentage.

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