Abu Chakar Trial – “Clan Enforcement” To Testify Via Video

Abu Chakar Trial - "Clan Enforcement" To Testify Via Video

Accused Arafat Abu-Chakr (46, right) and his brother Rommel (44) appeared in court on Wednesday. Photo: Olaf Wagner

of Anne Losensky

“Hand for Rough” does the dirty work. When such a person unpacks, it becomes dangerous. It is said that Wessel K. (41) For years Arafat has been the “clan executor” of Abu-Chakr. Now this is certain: he lives in safe exile in Turkey, but still testifies as a witness in Berlin!

Day 85 of the test Arafat Abu-Chakar(46) and his three brothers. In 2018, the owner of the clan is said to have paid rapper Anees several million.bushido “Ferchichi (44) has asked to cease his business.

The rapper is said to have been gunned down, hit with a bottle and thrown from a chair. The brothers of the clan are silent.

Bushido’s family lived under police protection in Berlin for four years, then they went into exile in Dubai in late August.

The process was going on for seven months On March 12, 2021, key witness Wessel K. was sent to Turkey in the darkbecame. Another chamber of the district court sentenced the “clan executor” to two years and nine months in prison, but was surprisingly spared.

LinageThe judges had to move heaven and earth to testify to Arafat’s “friend”. On December 7 and 14, the video will be changed to Turkish.

In a dispute between the clan’s boss and the German rapper, Veysel K. recently explicitly sided with Bushido. The fact is: he knows a lot that wouldn’t have been able to do without him.

Continued on Monday. Decision (Scheduled) January 23, 2023.


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