Harald Gloeckler in Dortmund: the designer’s head intervenes

Harald Gloeckler in Dortmund: the designer's head intervenes

Harald Glööckler was visiting Dortmund. In the Ruhr region he pursued his passion: he went under the knife.

Dortmund – He looks like a moving work of art. A work of art that never ends. Harald Gloeckler (57) now treated himself to a visit to the Ruhr area, where he was further embellished. Other celebrities were treated at the Dortmund clinic.

fashion designer Harald Glueckler
born May 30, 1965 (age 57)
Husband or wife Dieter Schroth (married 2015)

Harald Gloeckler visiting Dortmund: facelift for the fashion king

The self-proclaimed diva always grabs attention with her pomp. Recently, all of Germany spoke out about the extreme weight loss during and after Harald Glueckler’s time in jungle camp. A lot has happened to the fashion star in terms of beauty too.

Harald Gloeckler has changed his appearance significantly during his celebrity years: in addition to injections, liposuction, tightening and lifting, Gloeckler also shaved his beard and hair. But it looks like Harald is still struggling with his hair – which led him straight to the Ruhr city of Dortmund.

Harald Gloeckler: Other Jungle Celebrities Already Have Done

Other celebrities have already got their hair cut at the HairMedic private clinic in Dortmund. Striking: They were also guests at RTL Jungle. Domenico De Cisco (39) was a participant in “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” in 2019 and according to his own statements, suffered from his light hair for years. So much so that he decided to have a hair transplant in Dortmund in December 2021.

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And another jungle star has already gone under the knife at Dortmund: Bastian Yotta (45) had his hair cut in the Ruhr area in early 2019. The former camper wrote on Instagram, “With my new look, I feel more “yotta” than ever.

Harald Glueckler becomes “Harald”: Dortmund’s tour was hairy

And many other celebrities have put themselves in the hands of Dortmund beauty docs so that they can then appear in front of the cameras with full heads of hair. Among them: Willie Herren († 45), Mark Barthel (32), Thomas Hasler (56), Julian Evangelos (29) and now fashion king Harald Glockler.

On Instagram, the fashion designer shows himself at the Dortmund clinic with freshly transplanted hair. After 10 hours of grooming operations, he can finally call himself “HAARald” again (more.) celebrity News on RUHR24).

Harald Gloeckler gets new hair in Dortmundi

However, the end result on Glööckler’s head can only be seen in a matter of months. The Private Clinic writes: “After two to three months, the transplanted hair roots produce new and stronger hair for the first time.” And the hair should be thick in the first year after treatment.

The new mat certainly wouldn’t have been cheap. According to reports, Domenico de Cisco paid a whopping 12,000 euros at the time. It is not known how much Harald Gloeckler had to pay, with the cost of the procedure depending on how much hair to transplant.

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