Post-breakup: Hummels surprises with dating statement

Post-breakup: Hummels surprises with dating statement

Kathy Hummels has revealed what her love life is looking like at the moment.Image: cathyhummels/Instagram


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Since Kathy Hummels Announced Her Separation From Husband Mats, We’ve Been Waiting fan Looking forward to updates on your relationship status. So far, Cathy’s opinion has been clear: the only man in her Life be his son Ludwig. But in one of the programs, the presenter spoke frankly about her love life – and surprised most of all with a statement.

Kathy Hummels: Details on her love life

As part of the “Christmas Magic” program, Cathy Munich supports Women’s Aid. with others celebrities Like Simone Ballack, actor Manuel Cortez and “Burgdoctor” star Mark Keller, Kathy wraps gifts now for those that are presented later. women be distributed as needed. The operator also took the time for this Interview with “Colorful, And there she clearly told how she currently looks in terms of love.

Matze Knopf was also present in this program. And he also wanted to help her find a husband. Comedians and voice mimics offered him Dieter Bohlen, J├╝rgen Klinsmann and Lothar Matthaus. Cathy doesn’t seem really excited about them yet. But Matz’s presence clearly stood her in good stead, as Kathy promptly cracked a joke onstage. With an ironic eye roll, he explained:

“You’re my new Matt.”

This is what Cathy wishes for the future

But in a later interview, the influencer once again clarified what her love life really looks like at the moment. Kathy explained that she was “not looking intensely” at the moment. But the subject is still not completely settled for him, as another remark of his makes clear. The moderator said quite clearly:

And so that it “comes” as soon as possible, Cathy has already taken measures. In the interview, he revealed that he has now installed a dating app as well. But she’s still not entirely sure whether this is really the right way for her to find a man again. “I’m not there yet, because I can already see that you’re always trying to look perfect. And I don’t like it. When I fall in love, I want to fall in love with you People Falling in love and no illusions,” Cathy explained.

So it looks like she knows exactly what she wants. These are certainly not bad prerequisites for really finding your “new mate” very soon.

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