After trouble with Google: Popular e-mail app is shut down

After trouble with Google: Popular e-mail app is shut down

Many Android users will probably have to change in the future. Marcel Bokhorst, developer of the open-source FairEmail app, has removed the application from the Google Play Store and announced that it will stop working on apps like “gHacks” with immediate effect. informed of,

FairEmail was very popular among many users. Not only was the application free, but there was a great emphasis on privacy as well. Furthermore, there was no restriction on the number of accounts users could create in the app. Various other functions, such as support for OpenPGP or a similar inbox, made the app very attractive to many Android users – but that must be coming to an end now.

Popular Android app FairEmail is shutting down: Trouble with Google is probably one of the main reasons

After Google’s trouble: Users of FairEmail will probably have to change in the future.

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There can be some issues with Google even in the background of the app closing. The developer recently received a notification from Android makers that an update has now classified FairEmail as spyware. It probably had something to do with the use of favicons, ie small logos in the application.

In addition to the disputes with Google, there were other personal problems. Apparently, responding to thousands of user emails per month also inspired them to take this step. In its statement, the developer also explained that it was upset that it couldn’t do anything about unfair ratings in the Play Store.

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