Alien Musk: Elon Musk’s girlfriend shows painful skin artwork

Alien Musk: Elon Musk's girlfriend shows painful skin artwork

Ouch! Singer Grimes clearly shares this to the exclusion of his friend Elon Musk: he has foreign scars on his skin.

Los Angeles (USA) – Ouch! Singer Grimes (33) clearly shares her lover’s passion Elon Musk (४ ९) For extroverted people, because now they have “foreign marks” on their skin.

He must have been hurt: Grimes (33) now has a “white ink” tattoo on his back. ©

He who wants to be beautiful must suffer. This adage is particularly true for a new work of art on the back of a Canadian artist – although one could argue how “beautiful” these are.

Because the 33-year-old had a so-called “white ink” tattoo made on the entire back of his upper body – a tattoo that had white paint.

At the moment you can mainly see red marks from her shoulders, crossing her completely above her buttocks. The pattern looks confusing, but is at least mirror-symmetric and was calculated with great effort using a computer program.

The singer wrote in her Instagram post, “I don’t have a good picture of it because it still hurts a lot and I have to sleep first.” “It will be red for a few more weeks, but then there will be beautiful foreign markings.”

Your fans are clearly excited about the work: Within 15 hours, images of tattoos have already accumulated around 270,000 likes on the Grimes Insta Channel.

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