Engel & Völkers – The “Nova Scotia” scandal is spreading.

Engel & Völkers - The "Nova Scotia" scandal is spreading.

Several million claims are represented by HP & C law firm.
The Hamburg District Court has noted in a verbal hearing a possible violation of the KWG and its criminal liability!

Expert Advocate for Banking and Capital Markets Law and Owner Hales Peterson: “Given this situation and the preliminary assessment by the court, you really need to ask yourself whether trustworthy business with” Engel & Volkers “will be possible in the future as well.”

Recently, we reported that in August 2020 we had court claims for a total loss of € 2.3 million for faulty investment advice and 24 personally invested in Canadian properties in Nova Scotia at the Forest Lake Country Club project. Claims were made for investors’ defects. Claimed the German Banking Act (KWG) against Engel & Volkers Resorts GmbH and the then managing director, Ralph Virek.

The affected investors we currently have are in the three-digit range, with a damage volume of € 30,000 to € 1,500,000. Some of them have already tried to claim claims in Canada. We also contact the lawyers there for some of the victims directly.

Meanwhile, in another proceeding in which we had already filed a lawsuit on behalf of an investor, a hearing has been held in Hamburg Regional Court. Specialist lawyer Hales Peterson is on trial. The client invested approximately € 30,000 in the Canadian real estate business in 2010 and to date has not received even a cent back. He too received a follow-up offer with which he should have invested even more money. He was also informed that it was a safe investment.

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Expert lawyer Helg Petersen attended the hearings in person for our client, and two lawyers appeared for the defendants, each with a so-called directive representative from Engel & Volkers.

Liability may exist for KWG violations

He then had to hear very clear indications from the court, stating that violations of both the advisory obligations and provisions of the KWG could well exist and that there were not particular criminal consequences for a lawsuit specifically for violation of the provisions of the KWG. Ralph Wierck, the managing director, could have been in person. The Chamber of LG Hamburg had already ruled that in another proceeding there could be liability for a breach of the KWG that now precedes the Hanseatic OLG for review.

Against this backdrop, the court immediately advised the parties to come to a amicable settlement. During the filing of the lawsuit, we had already expressed a desire for our client to be compared on an 80% basis. The defendants rejected the motion, but agreed with the plaintiff that the court should submit a settlement motion, which could also be argued in writing. First, however, the parties should once again have the opportunity to comment in writing on the discussions at the time of the hearing.

In another legal proceeding, which is operating a law firm before the Heimberg Regional Court for another investor, Hague Peterson and Collagen, the responsible chamber asked the parties to come to an amicable settlement before the first oral hearing gave advice.
According to the state of current affairs, the law firm, with a total volume of several million euros, has a three-digit number of further inquiries from investors, who fear the receipt of their capital and, above all, its return, would have confirmed itself It is in its assessment that the claims of damages of the persons concerned are justified.
From discussions with customers and others affected by the scam, it is known that none of these investors have had legal success in Canada yet. Thus, the process is transferred to the Hamburg Regional Court.

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Contact us if you too are affected and do not want to give up your investment without a fight. The exchange is very important and we expect a suitable comparison for investors who join the HP and C-LEED group of people affected.

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further information: https://kanzlei-hpc.de/engel-voelkers-resorts-gmbh-forest-lake-country-club/

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