All you need to know

All you need to know
First stop of natural selection The journey flies up in Jackson Hole – to put it mildly – the Internet. When a new form of winter sports competition was taken in front of our eyes, the international level community was thrilled.

Now that the tour collides with the Cynics and Qtunaxa Territories at its only stop in Canada, the world’s best backcountry shredder is taking the next step: riders meet for a week-long Weather Windows at Baldface Vallah. There you will be recording and film top-to-bottom runs that show the best possible backcounty freestyle lifestyle.

With all-Canadian actors, film recordings promise to give a unique look to these riders, who are taking their sport to a new level, as if hardly anyone is with them. Here is everything you need to know.

Take a look at the highlights of the first stop of the Natural Selection Tour in Jackson Hole, United States:

Natural Selection Tour: Dye Highlights Anal Jackson Hole

A brand new location: Nelson, BC

This place is a newly developed area in the first-class Baldface, which dates back to BC. Deep in the Vallah Provincial Park near Nelson. It is a network of steep and specialized mountain slopes, with everything from soft pillows to technical alpine lanes. Drivers can have fun in a mecca of natural terrain structures. You can redesign the site as you see fit. Although there has never been any competition in this field, die hardboards will get to know this specific area from many Shred films. You may remember Hans Mindich’s picture next to a burning tree – “Channel Zero”, the latest film by Absinthe Films – these are some of the moments that earned Baldface Valhalla the nickname “The Mountains of the Gods”.

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An experimental format

At Jackson Hole, Natural Selection kept viewers busy with a head-to-head ranking format designed for the most exciting competition of recent times.

The wheel has to be retrofitted at Baldafees Vallah. Riders presented both overall action shots and single two-bottom runs for the Natural Selection judges, who invite the best male and female entries to the Tour Super Finals in Alaska.

While this is a great incentive to pay attention, this sequel should be seen as more of a seminar than a competition in the traditional sense. It is less about exposing a single rider and more about capturing the moment of snowboarding together. Getting an invitation to Alaska is more like the final part in a film than being on the podium.

Sandal community

This is a great start for Canadian snowboarders:

  • Beautiful bishop

  • Chris rasman

  • Craig McMorris

  • Dustin Craven

  • Lean Pelosi

  • Marie-France Roy

  • Mark sollers

  • Mickey rancz

  • Robin Van Geen

  • Spencer O’Brien

Craig McMorris Put it this way: “The rider list is mega-strong. This is a group of people who have done a lot for snowboarding, especially with films. He chose this lineup because he knows these will produce snowboards. Give them seven days, give them this area and give them a bunch of cameras and the footage will be revolutionary I think ”.

Craig is a veteran of the X Games Real Snow series. Although experience is important to this performance, he stresses that Baldface Vella is a new and greater challenge. “You film in a very tight window of time,” he explains, “and producing a recording in such a short time creates tremendous pressure. You don’t want to think too much about it and worry about your head – It’s like waiting, showing, and seeing who you’re working with. Then you can make a plan. “

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Despite his wait-and-see attitude, Craig thinks of the one-footer. Whether speculation Bod merrill Unblocking was high in Jackson Hole – but the first one-foot of the tour is still a long time to come. “I think that’s enough route while driving to be creative,” he says. I like it, so I can open my back leg.
The level of ride the group brings is impressive. Showed in jackson Chris rasmanHe can hold a candle to Travis Rice. He missed a three-point match in a tie-break. Robin Van Geens clips depth perception And the full moon proves their ability to completely destroy the natural terrain. Dustin Craven Have produced the most progressive clips over the years, and see how Spencer O’Brien Switching from consistently competitive Slopstoy to backcount films was incredible.

In addition to driving, observe the Kamadury among these athletes. The group has grown in proximity over the years through filmmaking and represents friendship and community that is intrinsic to snowboarding like everything else.

Experience the spectacle on 19 March

Bronco goes on a natural selection trip in Baldface Vallah 19 March Red Bull live on TV. In this broadcast, the rated top-to-bottom runs are shown for the first time. Individual action shots lead the entire show. The time window for filming opens on 1 March. Follow all the contestants on Red Bull Snow, Natural Selection and Social Media so that you can start right from the beginning.

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