Amazon is asked to pay 746 million euros for data security breaches

Amazon is asked to pay 746 million euros for data security breaches

The Luxembourg data protection authority CNPD is seeking a 746 million euro fine from Amazon. about the process Reported First the business news service Bloomberg. This is the largest public fine ever imposed because of the General Data Protection Regulation.

According to Bloomberg, the reason for the fine is a complaint by the French civil rights organization “La quadrature du net”, which it filed in 2018 against US companies Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. As recently as May, civil rights activists complained that their complaints were not being addressed. “La quadrature du net” did not even receive an acknowledgment of receipt from Luxembourg after France passed the process in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Amazon has its European headquarters in Luxembourg.

More precise details of the breaches that led to the fines are not yet known – unlike other supervisory authorities, the Luxembourg Data Protection Supervisory Authority (CNPD) is obliged to maintain confidentiality in individual cases. Amazon itself did that as part of the process quarterberichts Confirms and insists that there is nothing to the allegations and that he plans to move against the decision. “There was no breach of the security of personal data, and no customer data was disclosed to third parties,” a spokesman for the DPA news agency said.

Noise General Data Protection Regulation In particularly severe cases, responsible officials can fine companies up to four percent of global sales. The officials are now exercising this option. It was only in December that French privacy advocates asked Amazon to pay fines in France. 35 million euros donated. Search engine company Google is being told to pay 100 million euros for its cookies.

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