AMD X670E, X670 and B650 . uses the same chip for

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X670/X670E with dual chip design

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Image: AMD

Shortly after AMD’s presentation of the Ryzen 7000, MSI showed off a suitable X670 motherboard in a live stream and revealed details about the chipset. AMD uses the same chip twice in the X670 and X670E, which is installed only once in the B650. It brings with it many benefits.

At Computex 2022 keynote, AMD has information about the upcoming CPU generation Ryzen 7000 disclosed. The new Zen 4 architecture starts with it, the new AM5 socket and of course also new chipset, The B650 is the mainstream chipset, the X670 is aimed at enthusiasts and the X670E is aimed at overclockers with high end demands. On May 25, MSI conducted a YouTube live stream where, among other things, an MSI Pro X670-B was discussed.

Michiel Berkhout, MSI’s Product Marketing Officer in the Netherlands, shows off the chipset cooler in front of the camera dual chip design, AMD uses a duplicate chip for the X670 and X670E, while it is only used once for the B650.

It’s not two X670 chipsets, but two chips make up the X670.

Mitchell Burkhout, MSI

So there are only technical differences in terms of bandwidth. PCIe 5.0 for memory is therefore offered for each of the three chipset classes, but AMD only offers PCIe 5.0 for graphics cards with the X670E, with the X670 this function is optional. Since the X670 and X670E have two chips, connectivity is also double that of the B650.

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Screenshot: MSI Inside Computex 2022 (YouTube Live Stream)

because amd only one chip and not three different has developed, the production cost has decreased. In addition, the dual-chip design enables high-end mainboards as well passive cooling, The X570 initially had only actively cooled mainboards, with later passive models coming with the X570S.

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