Antonio Brown and the Flurry of His Vaccination Certificate: Chronicle

Antonio Brown and the Flurry of His Vaccination Certificate: Chronicle

MUNICH – After a period without scandals, Antonio Brown is again in the limelight. The receiver of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was accused of having false vaccination certificates. This was reported by the “Tampa Bay Times”, citing a former chef of an NFL professional. ran Summarizes all the important information on the topic.

+++ Former Chef: Brown got ID from another Buccaneers player +++

If the words of Brown’s former chef Steven Ruiz are to be believed, the seven-time pro bowler isn’t the only Bux actor involved in a fake vaccination certificate scandal. Because the receiver got his certificate from a teammate, Ruiz said, according to “ESPN.”

Brown’s former confidante is quoted as saying, “He gets them from another player who sells them.”Sidney is the girlfriend of Morrow Brown, d. Red.) copy again because he misspelled his birthday. However, he did not give any name.

Ruiz warns the couple, “The truth will eventually come out. When it comes to a bigger and more thorough investigation, the truth will come out.”

Brown lets his lawyer speak

Brown denied the statements of his confidant, and his lawyer, Sean Burstyn, explained: “Antonio Brown understands the gravity of this pandemic and therefore has been vaccinated and supports all those for whom vaccination is recommended.” “

The Buccaneers said they checked all players’ records and passed it on to the NFL as absolutely necessary. No error was seen.

According to the said newspaper report, which should also be based on a chat history, only “Abby”‘s girlfriend asked her cook to get the vaccination certificate, when she refused, said professional. Received the document elsewhere and submitted it. to your employee.

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Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arian didn’t want to know about the next impending scandal on Brown’s long list of offenses. “There is no story,” he said in an interview with “NFL Network”.

Arian teases statements

“And, [Brown] Says he’s vaccinated and has ID like everyone else on our football team. With that comes a trust factor and we’ve done our due diligence on all of them. The league will look into this and do its due diligence, but it’s not really a story,” Arian said.

At the start of the season, Ariane announced that all Bucs pros have been vaccinated. In interviews, however, he became irritated by the contradictory statements.

The head coach was asked if he had called Brown into his office to discuss the situation. “No, but someone else did,” said the 69-year-old, only to say a few words later: “I asked him.”

Furthermore, Arian said that he was satisfied when a player showed him his vaccination certificate. It appears that a detailed investigation has not been conducted, although franchises are responsible for examining and recording the vaccination status of the player.

To do so, players must show their evidence to the teams’ medical departments or the appropriate “infection control officer.”

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