“Masked Singer” Finalist: The Winner Is a DSDS Star

"Masked Singer" Finalist: The Winner Is a DSDS Star

Fans have been waiting for this day for a long time: In the grand finale of “The Masked Singer” The remaining four masks fell today. The winner can take home the coveted trophy.

There were also the caterpillars Recy, the heroine, Pug and Molly Muller, who had to slowly take off their masks until the winner was determined at the end of the evening.

Singer Sasha (49) was there as a guest judge and was allowed to guess what was going on in the previous episode. He’s already gained the “Masked Singer” experience: the previous season he won the trophy as a dinosaur in the spring. He slipped into this outfit again at the beginning of the evening to perform “Let’s Get Loud” with the rest of the candidates.

The eventual winner, Sasha, applauds as the guest judgePhoto: Getty Images

Moderator Matthias Opdenhovel (51) had bad news to announce: “We had some technical problems with the app today.” And they could not be resolved so quickly.

Now the good old telephone has to be worked on with gritted teeth: “We thought this was the finale. It has to be done with the right things. And almost everyone has a phone at home.”

Luckily, the first gig went smoothly. Caterpillar Reci performed “Heavy Cross” by Gossip and thus the jury was on his side.

Ruth Moschner smiled excitedly: “What a power caterpillar!” Ree Garvey (48) was certain: “It must be someone who does it professionally. I think you’re Sandy from No Angels.”

His friend and co-juror Sasha agreed with him – Ruth, however, now smelled of pop singer Ella Endlich (37) under the Caterpillar costume.

The first decision was taken at 9:38 pm. The spectators were busy calling – but that wasn’t enough for the Pug.

He still received a lot of praise from GooGooDolls for his version of “Iris”. Sasha tipped one presenter: “I guess it’s someone we don’t know about. So much of a moderator that brings people together. Somebody likes an Inca bow.”

Ruth Moschner has already guessed right with a singer...

Ruth Moschner has already guessed right with a singer…Photo: Getty Images

For Ruth it was out of the question: “It would be too easy and too obvious. I’m still with the girl group. Maybe it’s Monrose’s Army Gaimore.”

Ree inferred Caroline Nimczyk (31) from Glasperlenspiel. When the pug took off his mask, there was cheering: Caroline Nimczyk actually showed up.

Caroline Nimczyk was behind the Pug

Caroline Nimczyk was behind the PugPhoto: Getty Images

She was particularly excited about the fluffy dog ​​costume: “I’d also like to take it with me, because I always freeze on the couch in the evenings.”

heroine drops the mask

heroine drops the maskPhoto: Getty Images

After this exposure, the remaining three masks performed again.

The heroine first sang “Another Day in Heaven” – now she performed “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. Rea and Sasha agreed: this is Christina Sturmer (39). Only Ruth Moschner said she recognized moderator Jeanine Michelson (39): “a woman with a strong voice.”

Despite her strong voice, the heroine received few calls, she had to take off her mask.

The hero's mask falls: Christina Sturmer hid in costume

The hero’s mask falls: Christina Sturmer hid in costumePhoto: Getty Images

And as expected: Austrian rock singer Christina Sturmer disguised as the heroine. He was relieved after being able to sing without a mask: “500kg head and 600kg coat…”

In the big final duel, Caterpillar Recy and Molly Muller fought for the “Masked Singer” Cup. Could Recy really be Sandy Malling (40) from No Angels? And was Alexander Claus (38) hiding in the dustbin? The two reunited everything – Caterpillar Racey with Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”, Molly Muller choosing “Bombtrack” from Rage Against the Machine as her favorite song.

The jury specifically agreed with Caterpillar that Sandy was standing before them in the studio. Mullally Muller then made sure there was a dancing audience, and Rea didn’t even hold it in her chair. Opdenhövel was amazed: “What have you dropped the hut here again!”

Tina Turners by Roupe Resi

Roop Ressi Performs Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”Photo: Getty Images

Sasha now guessed actor Daniel Donskoy (31), but Ruth Moschner was still sure that before her was singer and musical actor Alexander Claus. Ree Garvey suddenly had a completely different thought: “Maybe it’s Teddy Teklebran.”

11:30 AM Telephone Voting Result: For Mullally Mueller, the majority of the audience had called. He is the winner of the current season of “The Masked Singer”! The excitement was great, there was even a loving Molly hug for Matthias Odenhovel.

No Angels' Sandy Malling was in a colorful caterpillar costume

No Angels’ Sandy Malling was in a colorful caterpillar costumePhoto: Rolf Weinbernd / dpa

But before he could take his head off, the caterpillar Reci was exposed. And indeed: Sandy Malling from No Angels arrived as a caterpillar through the studio. She was soon hoping to be able to walk around the world more easily again: “This dress!”

And the winner is…

Then the time had finally come: Taught the trash could, Molly Muller took off her demon head. And here too, the jurors had a right nose.

The Garbage Comrade was none other than the winner of the first DSDS season, actor and musical artist Alexander Claus. He was tired but overjoyed: “I can’t talk anymore. Something happens to me when I hold this head.”

Singer Alexander Claus was overjoyed with his victory

Singer Alexander Claus was overjoyed with his victoryPhoto: Rolf Weinbernd / dpa

There was a big congratulations from Opdenhövel: “You have somehow won everything you’ve ever participated in!”

Mullally can take home the Muller Trophy

Mullally can take home the Muller TrophyPhoto: Getty Images

By the way: A mask was also dropped online. Ehrmann tiger busted – including model and actress Barbara Meyer (35).

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