Apple Watch 6: Free Fix for Permanently Black Screen

Apple has one repair program for apple watch 6 Apple, which offers a free out-of-warranty repair by Apple if the Apple Watch 6’s display approved for the program shows a permanently blank screen.

Only the smaller Apple Watch is affected

According to Apple, only Apple Watch 6 models with a diameter of 40 mm manufactured between April 2021 and September 2021 are affected by the problem that renders the Apple Watch unusable. The larger 44mm model is said to have no such issues, so no repair program has been put in place for it.

Checking Serial Number on Apple

If users experience permanently blank screen issue on Apple Watch Series 6, they can use serial number Check on Apple’s websiteIs your device eligible for the repair program? If it qualifies, Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will offer a free repair. Since Apple does not repair the Apple Watch in case of display damage, but replaces the entire smartwatch with the exception of the bracelet, it can be assumed that the same will happen in this case. In this case also the bracelet should not be sent for service. However, as is the case with all repair programs, Apple states that repairs will only be performed at no additional cost if the Apple Watch 6 does not show any damage preventing repair.

Affected models still with guarantee and warranty

As always, Apple does not provide any information about how many watches are affected by this problem. However, since the affected models were only manufactured between April and September 2021, only the first devices are out of Apple’s one-year warranty period anyway. Within the EU, damage is also covered by a two-year warranty for at least one year. The program is again valid for qualifying Apple Watch Series 6 for two years after retail purchase of the device.

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