Micro Center apologizes for insulting AMD graphics cards

Micro Center apologizes for insulting AMD graphics cards

What the hell is this?! In a post explaining how to select a graphics card, Micro Center said that AMD products “require periodic changes or maintenance to function optimally,” while Nvidia products “plug and play ” Huh. After this the CEO of Micro Center has apologized.

It’s fair to choose one team over the other, but Micro Center not only showed a preference for Nvidia, they also lied about the quality of AMD graphics cards.

Here is the offending part of the .file originalbeatrag, Immortal tweet thread.

AMD graphics cards are fairly affordable, but may require some regular modification or maintenance to keep them working as intended. On the other hand, Nvidia graphics cards work similarly to video game consoles and basically work on the plug-and-play principle.

The ease of use and stability of Nvidia GPUs have made them the most popular choice among gamers and streamers. Nvidia cards also support ray tracing and DLSS, which work together to deliver the highest quality graphics to gamers without sacrificing frame rate.

AMD graphics cards are just as easy to use as Nvidia cards. they both need the same amount Driver Maintenance and benefits equally from repair and cleaning every one to two years. Both are used as socket wrenches (tighten the screw!) and play. And while the nvidia card has an advantage Re-tracing under DLSSget amd card similar features, as Rick Murshad, President and CEO of MicroCenter, in his apology.

Incorrect information about AMD graphics cards was accidentally posted on our website.

This information was posted without properly verifying and we sincerely apologize for the error. AMD graphics cards deliver superior performance, including ray tracing and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) for maximum visual performance, and no maintenance beyond standard driver updates.

And he kept on promising better monitoring of the micro center post. A search of graphics cards on the MicroCenter website reveals a fair mix of AMD and Nvidia, all of which are overpriced and unavailable.

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We are sure that the post was written by a lone Nvidia fan without consent. Last but not least, the poor grammar of the post indicates that it has not been reviewed by any senior person.

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