Are extreme temperatures possible in Germany?

Are extreme temperatures possible in Germany?

WithYou are among the most popular summer motifs that describe summer every year, happy people bathing in fountains, eating ice cream in the shade of a tree, popping up in cafes and jumping in lakes. The photos that have come down to us from Canada and the United States over the past few days reveal nothing about the spontaneity of this summer. They are documents of desolation and despair. Lytton, a town about 250 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, where temperatures soared to 49.6 degrees last week, is made up almost entirely of rubble and ash after a devastating fire. It took less than twenty minutes for the Fire Roller to do its job.

In many cities, people fled the heat to hotels equipped with air-conditioned emergency shelters and camp beds. In Seattle, where the word “junior” has become established because summer always comes a long time and brings a cold drizzle instead of heat, you’re not used to temperatures like in Las Vegas, which is why only 44 percent of homes and homes The apartments are air conditioned. Those also use up unnecessary energy, after all, the average maximum temperature in Seattle at this time of year is a pleasant 21 degrees. British Columbia set a new temperature record in more than fifty places in a single day. On Twitter, American writer Syed Jones wrote: “I know there’s been a lot of warm-ups and pre-shows, but this week it really felt like the climate apocalypse is saying, welcome to the big show. “

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