Ask Your Questions to an Osteoporosis Specialist

Ask Your Questions to an Osteoporosis Specialist

Osteoporosis weakens the body. In Germany alone, about six million people suffer from so-called “bone loss”. An expert in the T-Online video series “Ask Me” clarifies.

Osteoporosis often goes unnoticed for a long time. The cavities inside the bones, which have a sponge-like structure, become larger—and the bone density decreases. Symptoms first appear when a bone fracture occurs due to low bone density. A one-time effort, which is usually completely harmless, is often enough – such as lifting a heavy shopping bag, supporting yourself with your hand, a coughing fit or a slight stumble.

About 90 percent of all bone fractures in old age that require hospital treatment are due to osteoporosis. The problem with this is that fractures heal more slowly in older people and therefore can have worse outcomes than younger people. Therefore, osteoporosis in old age following a fracture not only increases the risk of further fractures, but also increases the risk of dying – especially in the first year after a fracture.

Proven Osteoporosis Specialist in front of the camera

To be able to provide better information and build a broader understanding of the wider disease, a proven osteoporosis specialist answers questions from the T-Online audience: Dr. Hans-Detlef Davitz is the head of an orthopedic practice in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. One of his focal points is the diagnostic method for the early detection of osteoporosis. Using painless DXA measurement, it provides an alternative to benign osteoporosis diagnosis. Early detection of the condition is of particular importance because osteoporosis can be treated more successfully, the earlier treatment is started.

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