“There are terrible people in both camps”

"There are terrible people in both camps"

For eleven years now, the group has maintained its course in shaky chart waters. The band was founded in 2011 by Hans-Tim “Timsen” Henriksen, Axel Stosberg, Björn Booth, Andreas Feinert and Peter David “Pete” Sage. With the new best-of-album “Die Sehnsuch ist mein Stuarmann” you can now see his own work and greatest successes. Another win, away from chart-topping, is that there has never been a line-up change all these years.

“we argue too”

Nevertheless, there is not always peace, joy, pancakes. “We argue too, sometimes emotionally and not at all objective. But that’s part of it. We know what we have in each other and what we have for each other and for this band. Standing with anything that’s attached to it. But under this bell it’s just as unavoidable in terms of reliability as it is essential that there’s friction and that scrap flies off properly.”

Another advantage of the band structure is that Santiano only found each other when the musicians were already over 20. So despite all the success, you never took off, and you could even look at evolution from a more mature perspective. Santiano: “Of course it helps a lot to sort everything correctly and observe the whole thing rather than lose yourself completely. That’s never happened to us.”

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