“Bachelorette”: Two men leave again – so Maxim fans flee – TV

"Bachelorette": Two men leave again - so Maxim fans flee - TV

The current “Bachelorette” season is not under one lucky star …

Sweet Maxim Herbord (26) really wants to find the man for a lifetime, but single woman dates rarely ignite. Very often she seems tight, her permanent grin as if stuck behind her ears. And then that too: Brunette fans go to charity. In Wednesday evening’s episode six, Maxime received a double reprimand. The boys had good reasons.

These people voluntarily left the “Bachelorette”

This Bachelorette has a lot of ups and downs. One by one they leave the field. Hobby footballer Hendricks (33) was dismissed shortly after the start. He was not hot for the format. A few episodes later, Maxim’s favorite, candidate Leon Knudsen (33), dropped out. The conversation was too impersonal for him. “I didn’t know where to take. There was no connection.”

Though RTL sent two new superb copies, Prem Carousel did not work. Because the connection wasn’t just missing Leon. Investment advisor Max (31) explained the problem well. Stuttgart-based proverb: “We’ve always had good evenings so far. But you never got a response even if you thought it was cool.”

No one knows where he is. Understanding Bachelorette? Nothing. “Isn’t a rose enough a response?” Maxime asked in surprise. When Max asks her to at least provide feedback after the date, she almost gets annoyed. “But you need a lot of confirmation…” The lack of insight that day must first seek revenge on Tony (30) candidate.

Tony Bend makes

Rostock had declared: “I want a single date, otherwise I won’t feel anything emotionally.” But when Maxim invited her for a cocktail, it was too late. In the middle of the date, the police officer told her: “You are a beautiful woman, beautiful smile, this and that. But there is no bond.” His incentive to fight for graduation – zero.

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Maxim took this reproach calmly, while the next one was already at the door. Merchant Julian (27) had long suspected the female qualities of his dreams. He thinks: “She looks very immature and she always has nothing to say.” Meanwhile, the Bachelorette was already very attracted to him. His words were even more painful.

Julian rejects Maxime

He poured out Lady Pure Wine everyday on a romantic dinner date of all things. “When we see each other, I am happy every time. But I am not ready to fully focus on you. ” Maxim swallowed hard and began to doubt himself. “What is it me? Apparently yes. It happened twice today.”

Maxim had a real dream date with Zico. was crowning glory when he kissed her on the night of rosesPhoto: TVNOW

A production worker had to be consoled when The Bachelor cried sadly: “What’s wrong with me?” Rose Knight had only five candidates left. During the evening Maxim made an almost embarrassing mistake.

When the other boys sipped alcohol, she disappeared into a corner of the property with tattoo fan Zico (30) and smooched. Because the door was open, his rivals saw everything. Very tasteless for a hostess. Most of all, Max made the action troubling. “Some moments the emotions run away with you – or you get a hold of yourself.”

Lars was sent home by Maxim

Lars was sent home by MaximPhoto: TVNOW

In the end, fitness trainer Lars (24), who had actually fallen in love a little, had to leave.

Do you remember all the Bachelorette winner couples?

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