“Bauer Sucht Frau”: love return in the final?

"Bauer Sucht Frau": love return in the final?

Liebs-Aus tears audiences of “Bauer Sucht Frau”

after the age of 42 to farmer michael Were in tears at this once “fallen blind”, Jan Heinrich Worried about the future: since he would have to leave a lot for North Rhine-Westphalia, he was worried about whether he was really the person Michael was looking for. Lots of Feelings for Fleckvieh Breeder:

He had so many fears and thoughts in his mind that kept me away.

A day later, Michael K. made a decision and admitted Jan: “I don’t want to be the kind of person who regrets giving you it all. I think we’re better off walking our separate paths in love.”

Jan Hendricks: “I’m Not Giving Up”

Jan Hendricks tears up during the conversation, but also about Michael: “What I don’t understand, do you keep saying you have these butterflies in the stomach, where have they gone?”, he asks. But he does not get any reply from Michael. And even though the 28-year-old’s decision seems certain, the financial manager doesn’t want to give up:

I have now decided: I have not lost. i’m here for him

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