“Bauer Sucht Frau” Star Dennis Munding Posts Rare Photo

"Bauer Sucht Frau" Star Dennis Munding Posts Rare Photo

Former “Bauer Sucht Frau” contestant Dennis Munding rarely shares photos with his son. Mostly they are pictures of him and his partner.Image: Instagram/screenshot/@denise_munding

Dennis Munding became famous through the RTL program “Bauer Sucht Frau”. The organic farmer got into a roundabout with his partner, Nils Dvortzak, at first sending him home on the show, but in the end the spark remained between the two.

From time to time their joint pictures keep coming which they share on social media. On her Instagram profile, the horse mistress shows pictures or even poses of herself with her animals, sometimes revealing a bit more.

Denise Munding enjoying the summer with her son

However, there is usually no trace of anyone in their account. Dennis Munding’s son by his R. shown inGenerally kept out of the public eye. Joint photos with him? A rare item.

But it was time again on Saturday: she shared instagram A picture with his son. Together they get on a horse, spread their arms and laugh at the camera.

“One with you Life taller than me”, Denise Munding writes down and adds a heart to these sweet words for her son. Also, she shares some hashtags that show her affection for her baby, like #together, #together, #inseparable, #thebest.

In his story, he also shared pictures from the summer days with him. On it you can see him swimming in the lake alone or with him.

Fans appreciated the rare picture of mother-son

The last joint photo on their account on the occasion of their son’s banquet is almost a year old.

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From time to time, rarely, the former candidate of “Bauer such Frau” reveals a small part of life with her son on Instagram.

This time it was clearly a fraction of a very nice summer day. And it goes down very well with her Instagram community. Many people express in the comments how beautiful they find the photo.


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