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The Xgimi Magic Lamp is a combination of a ceiling lamp and a projector. The projector in the Xgimi Magic Lamp comes with a brightness of 1,200 ANSI Lumens. At a distance of 1.5 m, the projector produces a 100-inch (2.54 m) image. Magic Lamp can also be used to watch 3D movies. However, for this one must buy active 3D glasses. The Magic Lamp image has Full HD resolution. Harman Kardon’s 10.12-watt 2.1 audio system delivers the sound. The Magic Lamp supports Dolby Audio and DTS dual decoding technology. There is 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage space on board.

Xgimi Magic

Xgimi Magic

Xgimi Magic

Since the projector is only available in China so far, the example in the video above also speaks Chinese. You don’t need a translator for them Android version: The current version of the Chinese version of Magic Lamp is based on Android 9. Even though the magic lamp is placed up in the room, there is a USB port on the side. If, for example, you want to play the final video you shot of yourself directly through the projector, you can do so without any problems. However, depending on the height of the ceiling, you may need a ladder.

The magic lamp is not screwed onto the tripod, but directly to the ceiling. Xgimi specifies the lamp life as 70,000 hours. The lighting can be adjusted in four levels using the remote control. The deepest warm-white level can be well and happily used, especially during movie night. Of course it is also possible to turn off the lamp completely. Cinema blockbusters are especially more likely to be enjoyed in complete darkness anyway. At first glance, the lamp does not show that it is a projector. The light itself can be turned on and off using a conventional light switch. For example, it can be positioned next to the image area. A separate space in the room is also possible. However, it is not necessary to install a light switch, as the remote control also has buttons for lighting.

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The start of the European Union is imminent

The Magic Lamp, which is yet to become available in Germany, offers an utterly exciting overall package for the living room or bedroom. The fact that the projector can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker also speaks in favor of placing it in one of two rooms. It is also conceivable to start a YouTube playlist via the Magic Lamp and turn off the LED. In addition to movies, music and podcasts, magic lamps can also be used to project decorations. Because the projector works silently, magic lamps can also be used to project art or images.

This application is probably not for everyday use, but as an eye-catcher on social evenings, this use is for our colleague Timum Poppy Quite imaginative. The magic lamp weighs 6.3 kg. The lamp is available in China for the equivalent of 1,176 euros. If you don’t want to wait for the EU launch, you can check out the lamp at IFA in Berlin. Of course, all the other Xgimi projectors are also on display here. Can be found in Xgimi Hall 2.2b. There you have to go to stand 206. here you can also get XGIMI Aura look at. Of aura There’s also one obvious advantage over the Magic Lamp: it’s already available everywhere you can buy a projector.

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