“Because they don’t know what’s going on”: These proverbs were vague – TV

"Because they don't know what's going on": These proverbs were vague - TV

Dirty alarm on “Because they don’t know what’s going on”…

The first game of the RTL show turned out to be a tough template for several vague comments on Saturday evening. And then, in the midst of the live spectacle, a world premiere was also announced.

While Günther Jauch (65) moderated this time, Barbara Schönberger (48) and Thomas Gottschalk (72) competed together as a team. His opponents: pop star Alvaro Soler (31) and “Fernsgarten” presenter Andrea Kiwell (57). The game was played for 20,000 euros for its block of spectators.

Match number one was called “Blow the Watering Can” and not only made the audience laugh. Amused by their playing partners, Gottschalk and Soler must blow water from the water box into the vase. Women only had the job of holding water in a vase. The winner was the one whose measuring column showed more after two minutes.

After Jauch explained the rules, Kiwell smiled and said: “Or as one would say on RTL ZWEI: ‘Blow and Splash’.” Meanwhile, Schönberger chimed in: “My blouse doesn’t go transparent when it’s wet. I noticed that.” Because one pot was shaped like an elephant, he joked: “It’s not like animal rights activists immediately approach when they see Thomas blowing an elephant’s butt.”

When he blew away what his lungs would give, the blonde could hardly hold back her laughter. Barbara with a shot of sensuality in her voice: “Oh my god! Madness! I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Alvaro Solar also gave his best. Keewell was astonished: “What a ray.” In the end, the musician managed about half a liter more than Gottschalk, to which Jauch teased: “As a singer, he has better lungs than Chatterbox in here.” The talk went to Keywell and Solar.

But afterwards there was no time to breathe. Sports director Thorsten Schorn (46) announced the next guest. RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig (58) had a surprise for TV viewers. On Sunday evening’s upcoming show, Jauch, Schöneberger and Gottschalk will appear as a band for the first time. The trio’s name was already set: “Thommy und Babsee feat. Gunny on the Wood”. All three perform “Above the Clouds”. Touch will also play the recorder during the performance. He found his instrument at the show, but the crowd exclaimed: “This is the cheapest plastic flute I’ve ever seen! And so I’ll be artistically active tomorrow.”

The Grand Finale was once again slippery. This time it was four to five for Solar and Keywell. Barbara and Alvaro hung in the wall. Your competitors had to answer questions. With every wrong answer, a block is moved in the wall. Before it began, Gottschalk was concerned about Schönberger’s pants.

He said the trousers were too impractical for the final. “Are you able to stretch your legs properly? It’s not like your pants are stopping you,” the TV star asked his colleague. Barbara could only laugh about it. She replied: “The pants never blocked me – in anything. Once I really got up to speed…” In fact, everything went smoothly for the Dream Team. Since. lvaro was the first to fall off the wall, with Gottschalk and Schönberger clearing 20,000 euros for their audience block.

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