Best Seller “The Perfume” Appears on Netflix

Best Seller "The Perfume" Appears on Netflix

With “Das Parfum”, writer Patrick Susskind achieved a worldwide bestseller. It is now being filmed for Netflix alongside Emilia Schule and Ludwig Simon. This is not the first film project of this novel.

Thriller The exquisite fragrance cast spells on millions of readers. “Perfume” was a worldwide bestseller and made Patrick Suskind a cult writer. Now there is new material for fans of the book: Munich production company Constantin is filming the material Netflix. The film will be titled ‘The Perfumer’.

Filming began in April and is expected to run through mid-June, as announced by Constantin on Monday. After the crime series “Parfum” which started in 2018 Zdfneo And the film “Perfume. The Story of a Murderer” is the third time since 2006 when Constantine worked with Patrick Suskind’s famous book.

Was a producer for 20 years Berned Eichinger (1979–2011) The rights of the film followed the writer until he finally signed the contract. Suskind and Director Helmut Dietley Took this victim in the film “Rossini or the murderous question who slept with”.

“Always attracts many people”

The new film adaptation is to use the motifs of the successful novel with the central question: “Is it possible to change the whole world from one fragrance?” Nils Willbrandt has directed, the actors include Ludwig Simon, Emilia Shules, Robert Finster and Solvig Arnarsdottir. August dihli There should be a guest appearance.

Producer and vice-chairman of the board of directors Oliver Berben said, “It’s great to expand the universe around Patrick Suskind’s unique book ‘Perfume. The Story of a Murderer’.” Constantin film. It “reflects the strength and inspiration that comes from this work and which fascinates many”.

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